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Retrofit Weep Hole Cover™

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US Patent # 6,474,031 / US Trademark #3,506,756
For existing (retrofit) construction
Keeps bugs out!
Weep holes on masonry wall construction, while necessary to vent moisture, are an open door to a home or building for pests. Once inside they can chew on wires, eat food and spread disease like Salmonella or Lyme Disease. Slam it shut with the Tamlyn Retrofit Weep Hole Cover™!!
DESIGN FEATURES: Most common method for roaches, rodents, snakes, spiders, scorpions and lizards etc. to enter the home is through weep holes (Mice need 1/4" opening)
  • Never: Plug up weep holes for any reason such as to keep water out, they are necessary to drain and ventilate moisture absorbed by the masonry wall
  • Helps maintain good indoor air quality objectives accepted by US EPA / Green Building Programs while allowing weep holes to drain/vent. May be easily removed if cleaning is necessary to remove debris, or to replace. We recommend and checking weep hole cover condition annually and blowing out/cleaning debris buildup
  • Earns Green Building points for alternative pest control/pest barrier
  • Naturally helps to pest proof a home/building without pesticides. Physical pest barrier very effectively denies access. Application on exterior of home/building minimizes the use of pest control materials indoors.
  • Clear sealant may be used on sides of installed part to really set in place
  • Using tin snips or similar cut the retrofit weep hole cover to fit the height required at an angle such as shown to facilitate installation
  • Thin design means air/water travel easier from the wall cavity out
  • Keep weep holes same height for best aesthetics when drilling to clean out

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Weep Hole Covers
Kevin B. (Georgia) 9/23/2010 3:40 PM
I just wanted to thank you for inventing and selling the retrofit weep hole covers. What an excellent product! I wanted to share my story with you. One of the reasons we moved from our previous 35+ year old house was it had serious rodent issues. We lost many nights sleep listening to rodents inside our walls and in our attic. It was horrifying, depressing and embarrasing, especially with overnight visitors. Eventualy, we moved into a brand new house in an upscale subdivision but guess what? RODENTS HAD MOVED IN FIRST! I began researching and learned how rodents can access a home via weep holes. Yesterday afternoon, I inserted a cover into each weep hole and by bed time, the house was DEAD SILENT. In fact, the silence was deafening as we are used to LOUD hearing gnawing, thumping and scratching through the night. It appears the rodents were out when I installed the covers and couldn\'t get back in afterwards. IT WAS TRULY WONDERFUL TO NOT BE AWAKENED BY CONSTANT GNAWING. Knowing what I know now, I will be recommending this product to all my neighbors and friends who aren\'t too embarrassed to admit they have a rodent problem. Thanks again for making such a wonderful, affordable product available. It has already dramatically increased our quality of life and enjoyment of our new home. Sincerely, Kevin