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XtremeTrim® ProLine Plank Flash

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DESIGN FEATURES: Use to reduce moisture penetration behind the joint where two planks butt together and drain water over the top edge of the last full course of siding. Pre-cut for quick and easy installation. Conveniently clips to your belt. Coating eliminates any reaction with fiber cement. Coating/paint means no reflective flashback as found using regular metal flashing. Stiff metal helps hold a tighter seal against the siding to not allow water pressure to enter and wick off to the sides, get past the plankflash and end up behind the siding. Better than using housewrap because housewrap is really intended as an air barrier not a flashing, and has limited uv exposure life. Roofing felt tends to weep and breakdown over time.

MATERIAL: Aluminum sheet coated on both sides with paint system that is specifically formulated for residential exterior applications.


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